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I enjoy working with visual artists, film-makers, and other musicians in order to create new work. On this page you will find updates for my new projects, any news about the projects, and links to the artists I'm working with or have worked with. On the sub-menu you can go to pages for current projects.

The major projects I've done in the past few years are installations created with the artist Linda Byrne. The Vanishing Birds Project and The Vanishing Oceans Project (see above photo) are multimedia installations focusing on the fragile beauty of our quickly deteriorating world. Both projects are highlighted as subpages of this page.

Other current projects are a film, The First Strange Adventure of the Bird, with actor/writer Felicity Seidel, a songwriting and performing project with musician/songwriters David Hammond, Jeanie Putnam, and Noah Shapiro, and a new animation project with the artist Sang-ah Choi.

I've also been working on various projects with artist/filmmaker Jadina Lilien, who shot the footage for the short film about The Vanishing Oceans Project


In 2007 I was commissioned by Mabou Mines as Manhattan poet for the theater piece, Song for New York.

I also have been making some movies in Final Cut Express. You can go to my youtube page to see all of them, but here is one of a Homer Erotic song called Criminal, that I made in honor of the occupy movement.



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