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The Vanishing Oceans Project

Maggie Dubris
composed and edited by Maggie Dubris, using sampled sound, recorded sound, and sound effects.



The sound element for The Vanishing Oceans Project was composed and edited by Maggie Dubris. The male voice is reading from Moby Dick and singing an old whaling song. The voice is that of my father, Dave Staiger, who also recorded the singing, the Melville sections, and the letter by sea captain's wife Elizabeth Brock. The reader of the letter is my mother, Ann Staiger. 

Much of the marine sound used in The Vanishing Oceans Project was donated by Dr. Marc O. Lammers and Pollyanna Fisher-Pool of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Without their generosity the sound element of this installation would not have been possible.

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