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Weep Not, My Wanton



Weep Not, My Wanton, the final book to be published by John Martin's legendary Black Sparrow Press, contains eight short stories: The Dream Book, The Final Miracle, You Can't Spell Mess Without E-M-S, What's New Pusscat?, The Mighty Up, The Rolling Stones Learn to Relate, Give It Up, and A Man Does Not Choose When to Have a Heart Attack, along with a 50 page prose-poem, WillieWorld, based on the author's experience as a 911 paramedic in New York City. The final section of the book is a 70 page series of linked poems, Toilers of the Sea, concerning extinction, time, comic books, and the passage of the old world into the new.


(from Toilers of the Sea)

The Old Story of Utopia 


I saw a city on the shore

Shining like an open door


When that door began to slam

Twas like a wick inside a flame


When that flame began to rise

Twas like an apple in my eye


When that apple went to seed

Twas like a garden full of weeds


When those weeds began to grow

Twas like a shadow on the road


When that shadow ease’d near

Twas like a speck inside a tear


When that tear began to fall

Twas like a serpent on the wall


When that wall began to give

Twas like a child inside my rib


When that child began to flail

Twas like a fish without a tail


When that tail began to snap

Twas like a tiger at my back


When my back began to bleed

Twas death and death and death indeed.


by Maggie Dubris 

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