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NEW! A website for the upcoming book, Brokedown Palace

EVEN NEWER! a nature soundscape I recorded on KBOO radio's Threshold Shift

ALWAYS NEW: This is the  blog for BrokeDown Palace. I update it every couple of weeks.



Maggie Dubris is a writer and composer who is based in New York City. On this site you will find information about her books, recordings, and collaborative projects. Maggie has just finished a nonfiction book, BrokeDown Palace, about St. Clare's, the hospital where she worked as a 911 paramedic for 25 years. She is working on a new book, a collaborative project called Hieroglyphic with the artist Sang-ah Choi, and recordings that mix live, sampled, and electronic sound.



Below is a video that combines a poem from the manuscript of BrokeDown Palace with visuals that include photographs Maggie took on the ambulance with ultra-high speed recording film in the early 1990s.


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